From the Park Hyatt Tokyo, I felt slight embarrassment in requesting a bus to the airport, but the staff arranged it. To my convenience, the bus stopped at the Park Hyatt, taking 94 minutes to travel 90 kilometers to Narita International Airport (NRT), which is the busiest airport in Japan. A few years ago, I saw an infographic in an in-flight magazine that showed that Tokyo had the most expensive taxi ride from the airport into the city. This piece of information has always stuck with me, so I wanted to confirm this trivia. Sure enough, this taxi ride takes 70-75 minutes and costs $200-$250! The airport bus I took was the most expensive I have ever taken, ringing in at US$26. Still, I would need to value my time at $435 per hour to justify this time-cost differential. But at least the taxi drivers in Japan wear suits!

I flew business class on Asiana Airlines from Narita to San Francisco, with an 85-minute layover in Incheon, South Korea. This layover was short, but even if it were long, I would not mind when flying premium, as the lounges provide more creature comforts, such as food, drink, and shower. My total flying time was 13 hours, 22 minutes to cover 6426 miles.

On my last set of business-class flights with Qatar Airways, which totaled more than 15 hours, I slept only two because the entertainment, food, and drink options were worth staying up for. With this Asiana experience, I slept more than 80% of the flight time because none of those areas were worth being awake for, but the seat was still fine, if a little dated.

2015-05-20 09.59.20

NRT offers a separate security area for certain customers.

2015-05-20 10.08.04

Given that All Nippon Airways has its hub at Narita, I was expecting the lounge to be sublime, but it was disappointingly ordinary.

2015-05-20 10.18.16

but it did have this self-service currency exchange machine that juiced less than 2%! Why aren’t these machines in all airports?!

2015-05-20 12.09.40

The Asiana Airlines business class product was not that impressive. I’m not complaining–flat-beds are still flat beds, but any of the Big 3 Middle Eastern carriers would be ashamed to offer what I experienced. For my NRT-ICN leg, I flew on a Airbus A330-300, which disappointed me, as I was expecting to fly on a Boeing 747-400.

2015-05-20 13.03.00

Last time in a while being served Korean food by Korean people in East Asia

2015-05-20 15.27.40

As I was with All Nippon Airways’ business lounge in Narita, I was unimpressed by Asiana Airlines’ offering in Incheon.

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My seat on the Boeing 777-200LR for my 10-hour, 40-minute flight from Incheon to San Francisco. Bed length is 80.4 inches with a width of 20.2 inches. At least half the cabin was empty. There was a woman + nanny with two infants (flying free) who made good use of the situation. Each baby got his own bed!

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2015-05-20 16.12.59

Worst amenity kit I have ever received, by L’Occitane

2015-05-20 16.15.33

I think we’re not supposed to configure the seat into a bed during take-off, but I tried to make myself comfortable.

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