In my earlier post, “Why Everyone Should Fly Business Class at Least Once (Part I),” I wrote about my experience flying on the Boeing Dreamliner 787-8 from Cape Town to Doha. That flight was actually the first of two flights on the way to my final destination of Bangkok. I had a layover of several hours in Doha, but this time was easy to manage with the opulent business class lounge. To fly from Doha to Bangkok, I flew on the Airbus A380, a double-decker with four engines that is 40% bigger than the next biggest airliner!

In this post, I will spare many of the details that I wrote earlier, as the seat and experience were largely identical. Qatar Airways is excellent. Throughout this experience, I actually skipped several pictures simply because I ate the plate before I realized.

I disclose that I paid $1615.50 for this Qatar Airways business class flight from Cape Town to Doha. While that amount may sound steep, the itinerary covered 7911 miles and 15.1 hours. To pay $100 per hour is as low a rate as one will find for an international business class product. The economy rate was $400.


2015-03-15 00.56.17

No mixing the 1% passengers and the hoi polloi. Of all countries, Qatar knows how to segregate and perpetuate class inequality.


2015-03-15 00.58.53 A380

Note how there are two jet bridges since the A380 has two decks. My seat was on the top deck, so my gate was on the second floor as well.


2015-03-15 01.19.36

2015-03-15 01.19.39

2015-03-15 01.55.32

2015-03-15 01.55.26

The Krug champagne is actually a $300 first-class-only bottle. However, the absurd bar on the second deck offered it for free to business class passengers as well. I simply went to the bar to order it and brought it back to my bed.

2015-03-15 01.17.51

This seat is identical to the business class product on Qatar Airways Dreamliner.

2015-03-15 03.22.40

Braised beef in lemongrass sauce

2015-03-15 03.12.52

Smoked tuna salad, after I took a few bites

The bar on Qatar Airways A380 is the largest in the sky. There may be a couple other token offerings by other airlines, but this bar is for real. I booked this aircraft in business class, largely to experience this feature. Since the plane and bar are so new, it is immaculate. The room is larger than I had anticipated from previewing the media images. There was one female bartender working the area. Everything is complimentary. There is plenty of seating, but I saw no one else there, aside from two travel bloggers who were taking photographs. I drank the most expensive champagne available. My flight left after midnight, which diminished the potential number of patrons at the bar. I was getting fatigued so I did not drink as much as I might have in different circumstances. Out of the 15 hours in the air, I slept less than two, mostly because I was too busy constantly eating, drinking, and watching films on my personal 15″ monitor.


2015-03-15 02.47.56

2015-03-15 02.49.07

2015-03-15 02.48.20

Roses by seating.


2015-03-15 02.48.06

2015-03-15 12.05.38

Upon departure, business and first-class passengers were handed a premium lane certificate for specially designated immigration lines. However, the wait was much longer than I had expected.