This post centers on the extravagant business class lounge in Doha’s Hamad International Airport (DOH). Rumor has it that the lounge cost $100 million to construct, which I can believe given the highest quality of stone and materials. The ultramodern design may not suit everyone, but I enjoyed it much. It is reminiscent of an austere museum, with a huge tranquil water feature, unnecessarily showy chandeliers, and many food and drink areas.

2015-03-14 22.47.54

Main square of Hamad International Airport, anchored by a massive LED screen and the multi-million dollar teddy bear sculpture by Urs Fischer.



It is on the short list for best business-class lounge in the world, although people can say it is too spacious. The vast majority of the passengers are flying on Qatar Airways, since Doha is its hub. Even after midnight, the airport and the lounge were busy. United States airports could learn a lesson from Doha and Dubai and keep their planes and airports open 24-7.

Below are many images to show the ridiculousness of this lounge.

2015-03-14 22.50.52

An escalator leads up to this airy lobby with what looks like a check-in desk, although I do not know what purpose the people there actually serve.


2015-03-14 22.51.36

The lounge is so big that a map is displayed.



2015-03-14 22.51.42

There is a restaurant on the second level, but I do not believe it charges for food.


2015-03-15 00.26.17

Ceilings are usually neglected, but this one has a geometric pattern and has a fancy curved surface.


2015-03-14 22.50.48

There are many different styles of designer seating in several agreeable colors.


2015-03-14 22.53.05

I love this hanging orb lighting in one of the dining areas. Dining is free everywhere within the lounge.


2015-03-15 00.26.43

There were several sleepers.


2015-03-14 22.55.56

Most of the seating areas had individual power outlets, this touchscreen, and a bottle of Evian water. One just plopped down anywhere and everywhere.


2015-03-15 00.26.04

Infinity water feature.


2015-03-14 22.53.11

Prepare for many food station photographs that do not begin to capture the quantity or variety. All the food is free.



Free sushi




Maybe you want baked goods.



Or Middle Eastern food.



Or a salad bar. There is a huge waitstaff who will create your order too for free.







There are many bars and bartenders or you can make your own drink.


more food


2015-03-15 00.28.26

Game room. Free pinball machines!



2015-03-15 00.28.20

Beautiful foosball tables.








Boardroom with Aeron chairs.



Massage chairs


Nursery and playroom


247 clinic

Clinic that is open 24 hours.



Muslim prayer rooms