2014 TravelCountries visited: 10 (United States, France, Spain, Morocco, Italia, Vatican City State, Turkiye, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary)

Days outside the United States: 58

Airline miles: 36,624

Airports used: 23

Longest flight: ORD-CDG, 4140 miles, 7 hours 56 minutes

Shortest flight: LAX-LAS/LAS-LAX (total 3x), 236 miles, 95 minutes

Average flight: 1110 miles, 2 hours 56 minutes

Breakdown of class by distance: 82% economy; 13% premium economy; 5% first class (domestic)

Most popular route: BWI-LAS or reverse, 6 times

Most used airport: Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI), 14 times

Most used airline: Southwest Airlines, 20 flight legs

Northernmost destination: Praha

Southernmost destination: Marrakech

Westernmost destination: San Francisco

Easternmost destination: Istanbul

Nights spent in paid lodging (e.g. hotel): 76

Transportation expense on world tour: $1027.23


Airline: $586.94 ($135 of this amount is on baggage fees)

Train: $149.49

Taxi: $135.04

Bus: $96.33

Bicycle: $32.36

Tram: $15.05

Boat/ferry: $12.02

Transportation expense on airport transfers (to/from): $134.98

Average airport transfer: $10.38

Currency transaction fees: $9.54

Animals ridden: Camel (twice for a total of 70 minutes)

Number of trips to McDonald’s: 4, total of $22.89 spent

Alcoholic drinks: 186

Amount lost at blackjack: -$1538