More than four months ago, I posted that the following websites were among the most useful for my travel planning:

  1. Wikitravel
  2. TripAdvisor
  3. Matrix Airfare Search (Google)
  4. Google Maps

I have to add Google Flights to this list. Google Flights may eventually merge with or make redundant Matrix Airfare Search, as they both operate off the same database and do the same thing. Matrix Airfare Search was purchased by Google several years ago, whereas Google Flights has been developed from zero.

When Google Flights first launched more than a year ago, it was so simple that I did not use it. Originally, it could not even search for international flights! Its most special feature was that it incorporated Google Maps so that one could visually see flight paths and prices for all destinations from any airport.

It is breathtaking how fast Google improves its services. For instance, if I search between two destinations, it shows a calendar view of all the prices for various departure dates. Once you select a departure date, it will show the prices for all the arrival dates. Some search engines, including Google’s own ITA Matrix, can only show +/- 3 days or worse, require individual trial-and-error queries.

The other awesome thing about Google Flights is that it is the fastest search engine I have ever used. Play around with it.


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